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Furniture Packages

If you're looking for Furniture Packages for Buy To Let Property, then you're in the right place.




Ideal For  Buy To let investors

Our Furniture Package service is proving to be a hit amongst fellow investors. Often the properties are a distance from their own homes, or simply the landlord can not bear the thought of a whole weekend in Ikea, hiring a van to get the furniture home, build the furniture with the usual flat pack nightmare, and getting rid of all that cardboard, only to find they missed something fairly vital like a bed or a sofa or a wardrobe and have to go and do it again.

Why Work With Us?

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  • Low prices
  • fast delivery
  • Friendly staff
  • Great service

Furniture Packages for Buy to Let Landlords

Furniture can help you transform your buy to let property, and the main reason that Landlords furnish their buy to let property is to ensure that the property can be rented quickly.

As Investors ourselves understands the need to provide excellent quality, durable and contemporary furniture that suits todays executive properties

We are one of the market leaders for providing Furniture Packages for buy to Let Landlords throughout the UK.

Go to our Furniture Packages section to see our superb range of furniture designed specifically for the buy to let investor. Delivered and installed for FREE, usually the same week !

Why use us ?

Cheap furniture Packages

Our prices are excellent due to our purchasing power, and often, the furniture is the same provided by other Furniture Package companies who charge much more for the same items. Our low prices come from our low profit margins and excellent purchasing power, which ensures that you're not paying over the odds for your furniture.

Landlord Furniture Packages

Our Landlord Furniture Packages are designed to ensure maximum rental potential with minimum cost, fuss or delay. We have a range to suit most all types of properties, from the very basic, to the 2 bedroom city centre apartments, through to Penthouses & Family accommodation.

Less Hassle

Take the hassle out of furnishing your Buy to Let Property - our furniture packages are simple to order, great value for money, and the full installation is carried out by professionals.

No more flat pack, hiring vans, or having to queue forever to pay for your product - simple online ordering and friendly, experienced staff.

Furniture Packages

All our Furniture Packages are delivered on time, anywhere in the UK.

Our products are high quality, well sourced and great value. A lot of our products are the same items you see in the shops, but without expensive overheads such as retail space, we've shaved the prices down and passed on the savings.

Our purchasing power means we buy hundreds of wardrobes, beds, sofas and electrical equipment, which means great value for money.